Google Services That Have Made Life of Students Simple

Google Services
Google started its journey with a simple search engine service. Now it’s growing like a healthy tree. In last 17 years, Google has been introducing many wonders. It made our life easy and saved valuable time. A simple tool like Google Calendar helps you to share your plans and schedules with as many people as you want. You just need to input your schedules; your classmates or course mates can see that within a second from any place. Google has brought many wonders for the student community across the world. The education project of Google is called Google for education. According to a dissertation writing service, it launched eight amazing productivity tools for students including classroom, Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Sites. It also arranges some programs for the students including made with code, Google Science fair, CS First, GCI, Maker Camp, Code Jam, Google Summer of Codes, Student Ambassador Program, Student Scholarship, Jobs and internship for students and many more.

Google Classroom:
Now educators can share anything with their students from anywhere. They can create virtual classes and distribute assignment tasks to the students anytime from anywhere. Teachers will create a class with just a few clicks. A student will get everything in one place. They can join the class in one click and then have all the study materials. Students will start a conversation with their teachers privately or publicly or ask any question. They'll also submit their assignments or custom research essay from Google classroom.

Gmail for Students:
Now students can use Gmail as a medium of daily communication. Gmail offers spam protection, powerful search and integrated calendar for students. For students, there are no ads.

Google Docs:
Now students will create and edit docs anytime from anywhere. Imagine the day when you could use only MS Word offline. There was no instant sharing choice and no real time corrections. Google Docs offers you all you need for free. You can create a doc online and then share it with your course mate instantly. A group of students can work on a single doc from different places. Google also offers spreadsheets and slides for students. Using a slide tool, you can create and share presentation for your next project.

Google Drive:
It’s vital for a student to keep everything in a single place and have the access from anywhere any device. Google launched the cloud storage service with that mission. All you need an internet access. Now, you can work at home on your laptop or laptop, edit that work from your smartphone, tablet or other devices while outside. You can also share your files with other friends or course mates. Many teachers use google drive to share topics for research papers for middle school students.

Google Calendar:
Time management and scheduling is very important for students. There are lots of classes, assignment submission dates and group studies. You don’t have enough time to call all of your friends or text them to tell the next plan or meeting. All you can do is updating the information at your calendar and sharing it with other friends. They’ll get the schedule instantly. It’ll save your time and money. Programs for students Google arranges different programs for students to improve their skills. Popular programs include made with code, Google Science fair, CS First, GCI, Maker Camp, Code Jam, Google Summer of Codes, Student Ambassador Program, Student Scholarship, Jobs and internship for students.

Google Dashboard:
You can check to see all the Google services linked to your account at Google Dashboard. Users will see the bookmarks they have saved on Chrome, or which android phones they have linked to their accounts. Users can also check out their +1's on Google plus, view their search history and more. Users will change settings in many Google services directly from their Dashboard.

Google Translate:
Learn the translation of words in over 100 different languages with Google Translate. Translate words and phrases from different languages into your native language by copying and pasting text into the Google Translate website. The service will detect a language if you are not sure what it's. You can type text to translate words from your native language into other languages. Be careful though, the translations don't always include cultural context. In addition to a website, the service is also available as a Google Translate Chrome Extension. Google Translate apps let users translate words as text. You can also point the phone's camera at a word for instant translations. Google’s app for education is free of any costs and totally ads free. They provide full-time supports. You can use the apps on any device.

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