How to Submit Application for Commonwealth Scholarship 2022

How to Submit Application for Commonwealth Scholarship 2022
Commonwealth scholarship 2022 has a partnership with most of the well-reputed universities of the UK. If you have queries in submitting the application form, here is the solution to your problems. All the relevant information required for the form submission is discussed below. Let's have a look.

Steps to Submit an Application

To secure the commonwealth scholarship 2022, you must have to submit an application form on two websites. The first website is of the commonwealth. On the other hand, you need to submit an application on the website of HEC. There are many students who lack in information related to application submission. They submit an application on the website of the commonwealth. But they think this is all about application submission. That is why they end up with nothing. If you think the same; you really need to understand that it is necessary to submit application on both of the portals. Let's discuss the steps of submission on both websites as shared by best academic experts:

Submission on Portal of Commonwealth

Go to the online portal of commonwealth scholarship 2022. There you can see an option of 'How to Apply' on the dashboard. Click on that option, and there will be an application form in front of you. Let's discuss the steps to submit your application on the portal:
  • First of all, you need to have the latest degree. If you are applying for a Master programme, you need to have a bachelor's degree for application. Same as, if you are applying for PhD programme, then you need to have a degree of Master with you. Without degree, you cannot complete your form.
  • In the second section, you have to list down your publications in the application form. In the same way, you can also mention your prizes in the form of a list. For both of the cases, you can see if these are applicable for you or not.
  • The third section of commonwealth scholarship 2022 is about to mention how you will be the best option for the country you are applying to. Here you can go for two ways. Either you can mention your job or internship experiences. In both cases, you have to mention your experience in a way that shows you are worthy of the programme you wish to pursue. If you have a single job experience, you can prolong it as you want to. But if you have three to four experiences, then write about each job up to a hundred words.
  • You have to write in the section of 'Statement of Relevance'. Here again, link your experiences with scholarship and keep the word count limit in your mind.
  • For the section of references, add three references. One of the references must be of the professor from the designated university. On the internet, you can search about the university and its faculty. Note down which professor is offering services for the programme you are interested in. Contact one of the professors through email and add his reference. The rest of the two references can be of the professors who have taught you at the bachelor or master level. Make sure all of the three references are relevant and credible.
  • Furthermore, you have to work on a 'Development Impact Statement'. This statement has four parts.
  1. In part 'a' discuss about development issues in different sectors. Also, how the addressed issues are linked with your theme.
  2. In part 'b', discuss about the strategies you will apply to sort out current issues.
  3. In part 'c', mention your aim, milestones to achieve your aim and results.
  • In the last part, write about the impacts of your project. You need to write how scholarship is linked with your aims. It is very important to discuss about your objective in a clear and detailed way. Whatever you mention, it must be linked with the scholarship programme. In short, you have to show how important is it for you to have a commonwealth scholarship in 2022. Explain the necessity of scholarship till the end of your degree. You may have more than one objective. In this case, also mention how scholarship is necessary for each of the objectives.

Personal Statement Section

Here, you have to deal with the 'Personal Statement'. This one is considered as the most important section. This part shows how passionate you are to work for yourself and your country. This section is for the discussion of your passion with respect to your scholarship. In a personal statement, you need to add your past experience and future expectations as well. Mention how you have already worked on different activities that went very well in removing the barriers of problems. That is how you have to complete all the sections of the commonwealth scholarship 2022 application form.

In the same way, do not forget to mention all the activities where you have performed as a leader. It can be voluntary work or any other opportunity. At the university level, you may have been a part of many social societies. Such societies arrange many technical as well as non-technical seminars. Here you can add management, leadership and other relevant tasks that you have performed. These things show how capable you are to contribute to further opportunities by having a commonwealth scholarship 2022. Make sure you have a passport. Add scan picture of your passport in the application form. You may also find the option of a national identity card.

Submission on Portal of HEC

Go to the official website of HEC. Sign up and make a profile there. Then you have to click on the option of 'Scholarship and Grant' available on the left menu. Under this section, you will be able to see 'Learning Opportunities Abroad'. First of all, you have to pay a fee. You can pay this fee online by using the provided account number. Then follow the same steps as you did in the form of commonwealth scholarship 2022.

Final Thoughts

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can submit your application form effectively. Also, try your level best to fill and submit the form as soon as possible. I wish you good luck for the commonwealth scholarship 2022.

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